Friday, August 7, 2009


It is a very wrong impression in the mind of the people of this world that the HINDU’S are very conservative about the sex. In fact the sex is a very open topic in the HINDU RELIGION and the importance of sex is always recognized in the HINDU RELIGION. The HINDU’S are very open minded in this matter and the GOD OF SEX- KAAM DEV is as respected in the HINDU RELIGION as any other DEVTA. But the only thing is that in HINDU RELIGION it is also felt that the excess of every thing is bad. So the excess of sex is also dangerous and the over exposure of sex in the public life is also not good and shall be confined to the private life of a man and woman. Perhaps HINDU is the only religion where the sex education is given by the temples also as SUN TEMPLE-KONARK, CAVES OF AJANTA & ELORA & TEMPLES OF KHUJRAO are the examples of this. The History of HINDU religion is as old as the HISTORY of this UNIVERSE. The HINDU religion has all the answer how the UNIVERSE was came in to the existence and WHO is the creator, WHO will run the UNIVERSE and WHO will destroy the UNIVERSE is explained in the HINDU RELIGION (see my previous topic the evolution of earth and universe in the HINDU RELIGION).

. When GOD BRAHMA started creating the SRISHTI and created HIS MANAS PUTR (son) till then the JEEV were created by the cloning. It may be a new concept for other religion but HINDU RELIGION is full of its examples as RAKT BEEJ etc. To start the MAITHUNI SARISHTI God Brahma created His ARDH NARISHWAR ROOP and from HIM created DEVI VAGHA. With Her help God Brahma created MANU and SHATROOPA. Then RISHI Manu got married with the SHATROOPA and started the MAITHUNI SRISHTI (world with intercourse between the opposite sex) and gave birth to two sons PRIYA VART AND UTTAN PADH and three daughter named AAKUTI who was later married to RISHI RUCHI then DEVHUTI who later got married to RISHI KARDAM and third PARSOOTI who got married to RISHI DAKSH and gave birth to so many children who further created the different spices of JEEVS including Human beings. The famous ROOP of DEVI SATI was in the form of daughter of DAKSH who got married with LORD SHIV.

Even today the Hindu’s know their GOTRA to which they belong to and actually shows the RISHI who was the forefather of their VANSH. So, like that the HISTORY OF HINDHU DHARAM cannot be simply discarded by saying MYTHOLOGY since it is very scientific and if the detail of our VEDS, SHASTRAS are studied then the complete family History of any Hindu can be find out. Even today when we go to HARIDWAR we can see our family history and name of our forefathers up to hundred of years perhaps up to the time back when the humans started writing. Similarly how the JEEV started feeling the sex in them is also explained when we study the story of the KAAM DEV – GOD OF SEX. It is also explained that how a certain age was fixed for starting the feeling of sex.

Actually when GOD BRAHMA founds that the SRISHTI is not growing as the JEEV created by HIM are not taking interest in creating more JEEVS then HE got worried and thought what to do. Then God BRAHMA created one very handsome, attractive BOY from HIS heart and one very beautiful girl from HIS heart. That girl was called as SANDHYA. That girl was very SATVIK in nature. The boy was very attractive so was called MADAN as He was creating the feeling of sex whenever he goes near to some one so He was called KAAM DEV also. On the other side the girl SANDHYA was very SATVIK and was busy in doing TAPSAYA (meditation). She never took interest in sex, but one day by mistake She got the feeling of sex and for that She got very angry about Herself and decided to do a great TAPASYA as PRAYSHCHIT. She went to forests but She did not know how to do GREAT TAPASYA so She was a bit confused. In the mean time looking at this GOD BRAHMA send HIS son MUNI VASHISHT to teach Her the procedure of doing GREAT TAPASYA. He went there and told SANDHYA how to do the GREAT TAPASYA to make LORD SHIV happy. She accordingly did the GREAT TAPSYA of LORD SHIV for thousands of years. At last LORD SHIV become visible to SANDHYA and asks Her to give her request for any VARDAN (desire). Then She said that JEEV may not feel desire for sex immediately after birth and may get this feeling only after attaining certain age. LORD SHIV agreed to Her request and told Her that from that moment onwards all the JEEV will feel about sex only after attaining the young age. So after that day the JEEV started feeling the desire of sex only after attaining the young age. The concept of creating child by putting mail sperms in the lady uterus is not new to HINDU CULTURE and cloning is also not new as the HINDU RISHI MUNI actually the scientist of that time were able to produce the child from the sweat even. The morning SANDHYA is the time just before the SUNRISE and evening SANDHYA is the time just after the SUNSET. Both the SANDHYA’S are very attractive and are supposed to be the best time to worship.

On the other side KAAM DEV was assigned the duty of creating the desire of sex among the JEEVS and for His marriage MUNI DAKSH created a very beautiful girl child from his sweat and was called RATI and was married to KAAM DEV. From that day the duty of KAAM DEV is to attract the JEEV towards sex to increase the JEEVS so that the SRISHTI could be run. When the DEVI SATI jumped into fire for being HER HUSBAND GOD RUDHAR insulted by HER father DAKSH in a YAGH organized by him. Then GOD RUDHAR got very angry and created VEER BHADAR and sends all HIS GANS AND DEVI CHAMUNDA and other force to destroy the YAGH of DAKSH where the DEVI SATI had immolated alive. They went there and killed or injured all the people present there and even GOD VISHNU was defeated. After ward all the DEVTAS, RISHI MUNIES along with GOD BRAHMA AND GOD VISHNU went to the KAILASH PARVAT and requested GOD RUDHAR to forgive DAKSH and make him alive and let the YAGH be completed. On their humble and repeated request GOD RUDHAR make every body alive who were killed in the war with VEER BHADAR and HIS force. GOD RUDHAR then went to the KAILASH and took a DEEP SAMADHI and got involved in HIS DIVYA ROOP and started HIS YOGH. With the passage of time the DEVI SHIVA took rebirth as DEVI PARVATI and GOD RUDHAR went to the HIMALAYA for meditation. After repeated request from the king HIMVAN the GOD RUDHAR allowed DEVI PARVATI to serve HIM.

In the mean time the an ASUR TARKASUR did a very hard TAPASYA and got the VARDAN from GOD BRAHMA that no body except the SON of GOD RUDHAR would kill him in the UNIVERSE and that ASUR started harassing all the DEVTAS and JEEVS. So just to kill him the DEVTA tried to arrange the marriage of GOD RUDHAR with DEVI PARVATI and for that KING OF SWARAG AND KING OF DEVTA’S INDER called the KAM DEV (GOD OF SEX) and told that being a best friend of him the KAM DEV should help him in killing the TARKASUR. He also said that the DATA KI PEHCAN DURBIKSH ME HOTI HAI (the donor is tested in draught), MITER KI PHECHAN MUSEEBAT ME HOTI HAI (a friend in need is a friend in deed), ISTRI KE KUL KI PECHAN TAB HOTI HAI JAB PATI ASHAY HO JATA HAI (the family background of wife is tested when the husband become disabled). So, I request you to help me. At this KAM DEV happily agreed and asked the task. At this RAJA INDER told that as all the DEVTAS are fed up of the atrocities of the TARKA SUR and none of the person or GOD can kill him except the son of LORD SHIV. As the would be wife of LORD SHIV had taken birth as DEVI PARVATI and is serving GOD RUDHAR so KAM DEV may try to create the feeling of sex in the heart of GOD RUDHAR.

Listening this the KAM DEV agreed and along with his wife RATI & VASANT RITU went to the place where GOD RUDHAR was busy in meditation. From there he started his efforts to evoke the feeling of sex in the heart of LORD SHIV and when the GOD RUDHAR felt disturbance in their mind due to feeling of sex then HE try to find out the reason from HIS DIVYA DRISHTI. Being MAHA YOGI and without any attachment or desire GOD RUHAR when saw KAM DEV was trying to disturb HIM then HE got very angry and a fire broke out from HIS third eye (in between the two eyes) and converted in to a ring of fire. That ring of fire burnt the KAM DEV and convert him in to ashes. Also a great sound was heard. Looking at this all the DEVTA’S got frightened. Looking at this the DEVI PARVATI got frightened and went back to HER palace. In the mean time the wife of KAM DEV, DEVI RATI started crying bitterly and blaming all the DEVTAS for misguiding and using her husband KAM DEV for their purpose. The DEVTAS told her that it is not their fault and all due to HONI. She should not worry and they advise her to keep a little of his ashes and assured her that they all will go to LORD SHIV and request HIM to make KAM DEV alive.

They all along with GOD VISHNU went to the GOD RUDHAR and told HIM that KAM DEV was not guilty and what ever he has done had done on the request of DEVTAS and also told the reason behind their request. Listening this GOD RUDHAR forgive them but told that it is not possible to make the KAM DEV alive and he will be alive in the ROOP of PRADHUMAN when the GOD KRISHAN will come to the earth in DAVAPUR YUG. The PRADHUMAN will become HIS son and will be stolen by the ASUR SHAMBAVAR and that ASUR will throw him in the sea assuming that HE has died. But HE will be alive and will kill that ASUR and marry to DEVI RATI and both will live happily. Then the DEVTAS told that it will be difficult to run the SARISHTI without KAM DEV, then the GOD RUDHAR told that the KAM DEV will stay in the heart of every JEEV permanently and after that LORD SHIV ANTARDHYAN (disappear) from there. Then the DEVI RATI went to the place of SHAMBAVAR waiting for her husband KAM DEV and the DEVTAS went back to their places.

In due course when the GOD RUDHAR’S marriage was organized with DEVI PARVATI and GOD RUDHAR was in a very happy mood then the DEVI RATI (wife of KAAM DEV) requested GOD RUDHAR to alive the KAAM DEV and on her repeated request GOD RUDHAR make the KAAM DEV alive.

So the HINDU RELIGION is the most scientific, oldest in the world and most liberal religion but wants a little discipline and all the misgiving in this regard are baseless and motivated.